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5 Ways to Wow Home Windows

Wow WindowsFocal points can be created at any point in a room. Home windows are no exception. While simple curtains or traditional drapes are certainly an option, using a little creativity can take those home windows from functional to fantastic!

  • Open them up! Explore unique opening options: swing arm curtain rods, curtains that pull up to open and down to close, or even shades that roll up in sections.
  • Fit them with phenomenal fabrics. Unique and interesting options abound in the fabric marketplace: Daring ethnic prints, super soft mohair weaves, or even bold and graphic floral prints.
  • Stained glass – Customize with limitless options. Select conventional looks or something ultra-modern. Simple schemes or elaborate arrays.
  • Wooden shutters – Fresh in white. Gorgeous wood. Deep black for drama.
  • Create contrast – Select boldly hued fabric to make shades pop against neutral walls or simply add contrasting trim.

Making unique and interesting choices with window treatments provides an opportunity to make your home windows simply shine!

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