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Modern Art: An Artful Arrangement

Modern Art Display

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. — Pablo Picasso

Surrounding ourselves with beauty brings joy to our lives. A collection of beautiful things artfully arranged can capture our eye, inspire our minds, and lends itself to interesting conversation.

Creating the display itself might seem daunting. Following the guidelines below can bring order to chaos and will have you arranging things like a master in no time!

1: Obtain captivating objects.

  • Treasures from your travels
  • Bits of nature brought indoors: a pretty piece of coral, a gorgeous stone, or even a pretty feather
  • Oil paintings, water colors, or other artwork that brings you joy
  • Colorful pieces – vases, sculptures, plates, and boxes

2: Texture and color.

  • Sophisticated neutrals are beautiful, and can be stunning, but to draw the eye, ponder adding an accent color.
  • Gold, silver and copper add depth and substance.
  • Natural stone grounds the display.

3: Bring balance.

  • Asymmetrical displays tend to be more interesting to the eye.
  • Examine the whole display from side to side and top to bottom.
  • Lighting adds an ephemeral layer.

4: Vary the elevations.

  • Varying the altitude of pieces in the display adds dimension
  • Use boxes, books or other objects as a higher platform

5: Mix it up!

  • Even a striking display becomes stale when it does not change. Add a new piece. Bring in a new color. A simple change can make the whole thing new again!

Tablescapes are a delightful way to emphasize your individuality. Use our guidelines to guide you to a house full of artful arrangements.

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