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Gorgeous Gemstones

Modern Gemstones

Mother Nature is indeed talented at creating some of the most stunning pieces of inspiration out there. Take, for example, gemstones. Their natural beauty is eye-catching and can go from quite subtle to bold and vibrant. Using these materials gives contemporary design an organic slant.

Whether you are drawn to the banded patterns of malachite, the freeform patterns in agate, or the rough edges of a geode, each type of rock brings a unique elegance. Available in neutral shades of beige, brown and black, but also in the market in shades of teal, eggplant and bright green, the modern natural look of gemstones in home décor has a place in virtually any space.

Gemstones are popping up as pieces of hardware in many uses: finials, tiebacks, handles and knobs. Agate, geodes and malachite serve as sculptural art. Pieces of gemstones are even being incorporated into light fixtures, backsplashes, and countertops.

What a gorgeous way to incorporate organic and modern!

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