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Backyard Living

Beautiful backyardsSpring is inching toward summer. With the warm summer breezes, our outdoor spaces can easily serve as living and entertaining space. Whether you have a verdant suburban lawn or a cramped urban courtyard, utilizing that outdoor square footage in the summer months lends itself to a multitude of possibilities!

Imagine separating the outdoor space into unique and functional “rooms” that suit your lifestyle: an alfresco terrace dining area, a comfy reclining space, a play area for the youngsters, or even a charming sanctuary perfect for an afternoon with an excellent read.

Points to ponder for your outdoor plan:

  • Color – Green comes courtesy of Mother Nature, but think about complementing that leafy hue with other exciting colors such as juicy melon, sunny orange, or rich blue. Choose whatever accent color makes you smile!
  • Seating – The quality of all-weather furnishings is amazing! Add some outdoor cushions for comfort and plan enough seats for a crowd if you want to throw a party or just a few comfy spots for a smaller gathering.
  • Mix up the materials – In addition to the all weather wicker, consider stone, metal or wood as options to make the space functional and beautiful.
  • Personalization – Consider adding a unique piece: a fountain or other water feature or even a fire pit that expresses your individuality.
  • Under the lights – Starlight is delightful, as is the moon, but add some outdoor lighting to keep the party going into the evening.

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