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Inspiration from Farrow & Ball

color inspiration

While our minds are often tumbling with ideas and inspiration based on other homes we have explored, a stylish new piece of furniture we recently encountered, or a color that simply makes our heart sing, there are times when even the most
creative of us need a little nudge.

Enter the Inspiration page at Farrow & Ball – a gallery of user uploaded and company provided inspiration for projects that used Farrow & Ball paint. Searchable by color, style, or room, you are sure to find ideas that inspire new ideas for project in your space.

Find an image you like? Favorite it to keep for future reference and even organize your favorites into inspiration folders. Finish a project? Upload a photo to share with others. Comments, questions or advice can be left for other photos.

For directions and guidance on using the Farrow & Ball inspiration page, visit How to Get Inspired.

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