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Color Blocking Chic

colorblockingMonling Lee, architectural and urban designer, has brought us inspiration through bright bold color blocking in her experimentation with her personal fashion choices. The implications for refined application in home design follow naturally.

Inspired by color and the philosophy of anything-but-black is the new black, Lee began playing with color combinations for her daily wardrobe from Color Index, a reference book on color for designers by Jim Krause. Her experimentation led to her creating her popular Instagram feed #ColorIndex.

Keenly aware that the layers of clothes are only one piece of the wow factor of the images on her Instagram feed, Lee seeks backgrounds for her portraits that add interest to the look, much like a wall might serve as the background for an upholstered piece of furniture.

In an interview with Holly Thomas of Refinery 29, Lee recently noted:

In architecture, I prefer simple, smart, and well-crafted details that reflect a material’s structural integrity, and avoid over-ornamentation and faux treatments. I have the same objectives when choosing clothing, and would prefer no hardware [versus any hardware] on handbags, invisible, over-exposed zippers; etc. This way, I can really pay attention to the basic properties of clothing items, such as fabric, proportion, and color!

In both the combination of colors, as well as the careful selection of backgrounds, Lee offers us a roadmap for sophisticated and stunning home design based on similar practices. Choosing well-crafted furnishings in colors that evoke a sense of fun positioned in a space with a complementary backdrop is a recipe for style and refinement in today’s modern home.

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