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2015: The Year of Color and Optimism


While the Chinese calendar says that 2015 is the Year of the Sheep, we would argue that it is also the Year of Optimism. The future is looking bright and recent color trends fully support that notion. As we continue down the road of positivity and growth, our homes reflect that movement. New, fresh, sophisticated color palettes are taking a bold turn and accenting a fashion forward feel that simply exudes happiness.

This year, look for deep rich saturated colors in ocean blue, fresh berry (reminiscent of the Color of the Year, Marsala), and fresh coral. Grounding those brights is gray, sophisticated and neutral without feeling dark and harsh like black often does.

Finishing out the array we find nature’s neutral, rich verdant green. Optimistic and bold, as the future unfolds before us, we can meet it with style and sophistication.

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