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2015 Lighting Trends

2015 lighting trends

Light shifts and changes the mood. It brings sophistication, makes our lives easier, and as technology increases, the options for lighting in our homes have grown at a lightning fast rate.

Here are some of the hottest 2015 lighting trends to keep an eye on:

  • Chandeliers – Luxurious and beautiful chandeliers are gracing some of the most surprising spots: laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kids’ bedrooms.
  • Copper – Both contemporary and modern, copper is bringing its stunning beauty and classic warmth to a myriad of lighting fixtures this season.
  • Pendants in groups – The typical linear installation of pendant fixtures is shifting to a new trend of installation in clustered groups that results in a fresh new silhouette.
  • LED lighting – LED lighting is gaining favor as the go to source for energy efficient, bright crisp light anywhere in the home. Additional features may include color options that are virtually unlimited and controllable either via a remote control or through a smartphone app.
  • Wireless lighting – Adding to security, wireless and remotely controlled lighting allows homeowners to turn their lighting on and off from a distance and to randomly set lighting to turn on to create an appearance of the residence being occupied.
  • Utilitarian lighting – The marketplace is filled with more and more options for lighting that makes our lives easier: under cabinet lighting, in drawer lighting, and lights for virtually every nook and cranny.

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