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Postmodern Architect Michael Graves Passes Away At 80

picture-of-michael3Michael Graves, most known for his lively postmodern philosophy and style, passed away yesterday morning at the age of 80. Throughout his decade’s long career, Graves’ bold exploration into Postmodernism paved the way for many architects to come. Even towards the end of his life, Graves continued to contribute to and inspire the architecture community he loved so much.

After receiving his Masters of Architecture from Harvard University in 1959, Graves went on to refine his postmodern style. He later became a member of The New York Five, where he continued to express his appreciation for Postmodernism. Later, Graves began to shift his focus towards New Urbanism and New Age Classical. His most notable works includes The Humana Building, The Denver Public Library, a series of buildings for The Walt Disney Company, and 425 5th Avenue.

Graves received the prestigious National Medal of Art in 1999, and was later inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame. In the final years of his life, Graves suffered from a spinal cord infection that left him confined to a wheelchair. His disability greatly influenced his work, and as a result, his final works were dedicated to designing functional and stylish buildings and appliances for people with disabilities.

During an interview with New Jersey Magazine in 2009, Graves was asked how he felt about his many awards and achievements, Graves responded by saying, “The honors are wonderful. I love hearing about them and getting them. But if you traded one of those honors for a telephone call from a prospective client who said, ‘I want you to build a new hospital for the state of New Jersey,’ that means so much more.”

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