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New York Fashion Week: February 2015

NYFW 2015

Home design trends follow fashion’s lead. The runways of Milan, Paris, London and New York give us a clue to the trends that will likely emerge in the next 24 months in home design.

New York’s Fall Fashion Week was celebrated during the last week of February. As the models strutted down the runway, we watched to see what finishings, fabrics, colors, fashion, and silhouettes might be hot in the months to come.

Our picks for likely home trends straight from the runways of New York Fashion Week:

  • Brilliant metallic – particularly silver and gold
  •  Menswear fabrics in feminine shapes
  •  Visions of origami and inlaid wood
  •  Marbleized fabrics and leather
  •  Soft warm shearling and fabulous fur Brilliant and surprising colors – bold orange and pops of pink

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