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Inspired by Nature: Modern Floral


As the calendar makes the turn toward spring, and the winter snows hopefully warm to spring showers, our bodies begin to thaw from the long winter and sprigs of springtime appear.

This season, inspired by nature’s flowers, a trend of graphic, illustrated floral prints takes the stage. Not chintzy, overdone or complicated, these floral designs are reminiscent of fine modern art. Colorful and fresh without an ounce of fussiness, they exude botanical beauty in such a sophisticated way.

Modern and upscale, abstract floral patterns bring a dramatic sense to a space without being overly feminine. More botanical than flowery, the pattern evokes a sense of nature and eco friendliness with cultured styling. Tone on tone, or with bold contrast, the shapes of leaves, petals and twigs brings a little bit of the outdoors in

This elegant and chic look is appropriate on a lampshade, throw pillow, place setting or vase, but just as versatile and timeless on a fine quality rug, elegant upholstery or used to create a stunning backdrop with wallpaper.

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