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Farrow & Ball: Shades of Stunning Gray

shades of grey

Gray continues its growth as the neutral of the moment. Adaptable to any design scheme, and available in truly every shade possible from the palest dove feather to the deepest richest pewter tones, this color can be warmed up or cooled down, light and airy, or grounded and solid.

Farrow & Ball, purveyors of the highest quality paints, offers us a sampling of grays from their color palette that illustrate the rich versatility of this shade:

  • Coinforth White N. 228 – a neutral-but-never-boring, easy-to-get-along-with gray.
  • Dimpse No. 277 – a gray with a strong blue undertone; modern and edgy.
  • Down Pipe No. 26 – rich with a moody impact; just this side of black.
  • Elephant’s Breath No. 229 – delightful with the slightest tinge of lilac conveying a touch of warmth in an often cool neutral.
  • Purbeck Stone No. 275 – popular due to its soft livability; quite possibly the perfect neutral.

Gray can be at home in any space. Shades of gray are perfect to pair with another hue, to serve as a beautifully modern blank canvas ready for pops of color, and with an elegance that is unmatched.

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