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Working From Home In Style

Jesse Wall Unit Desk

The dream of working from home is quickly becoming a reality for many. Due to the recent surge in smart devices, online collaboration tools and video conferencing technology, many companies are increasing the amount of work-from-home employees.

However, successfully cutting the tethers on your regular 9-5 in favor of a cushy work-from-job does come with a small price and a few considerations. It can be somewhat challenging to create a space that’s conducive to productivity while still maintaining a relaxing atmosphere.

From the lighting to furniture, it is important to carefully consider all elements of your home office in order to create a workspace that’s both functional and comfortable. Keep these key elements in mind when putting together a home office:

  • Desk: Choosing the right kind of desk for your home office is vital. The perfect desk will simplify your work space, cutting down on unnecessary clutter, and hiding unsightly paperwork and office supplies.
  • Storage: In addition to displaying books and family mementos, bookshelves can provide plenty of storage space for the inevitable clutter that comes with a home office.
  • Lighting: Lighting is essential to a home office. Improper lighting can cause eye strains, headaches and can severely reduce the amount of productivity. Consider adding a small table lamp to add a bit of extra light to your work space.
  • Feng Shui: Bring nature into your office with small plants and colorful artwork. These added touches can add a natural feel to your office, making you more relaxed and productive.

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When it comes to designing your home office, the possibilities are virtually endless. At Theodores, modern collections of home office furniture, desks, chairs, shelving systems and file drawers are designed for both functionality and style.

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