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Laundry: The Upside to Utility


Hours of our lives are spent in the care of our clothing. Many laundry rooms, however, leave much to be desired when it comes to aesthetics. Modern design is challenging the idea that a laundry room space must be austere.

New ideas for utility and laundry rooms:

  • Rich color – White will always feel fresh, but muse upon the idea of a rich red, brilliant blue or serene green space. Even consider the use of a spectacular wallpaper to create a wow factor!
  • Finishes — Bringing in a stunning stainless steel or ethnic tiled backsplash can turn up the design volume several notches. Granite or marble countertops bring elegance and richness to the surfaces.
  • Storage – One of a kind storage niches for ironing boards, flat or hanging drying racks, or even laundry folding tables that tuck away when not being used. Another clever addition: a gift-wrapping station.
  • Pets – Consider the convenience of an at home dog washing station, complete with tiles and a retractable showerhead.
  • Lighting – Natural light is always ideal, but if it is not possible, consider a beautiful chandelier or other unique light fixture to illuminate the workspace and add some panache.

High style homeowners continue to extend the décor of their entire home into functional spaces such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. Functionality can, and does, co-exist beautifully with fashion.

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