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Glorious Global Prints

Global rug printsGlobal prints, highlighted by ancient techniques, ethnic traditions and tribal flair continue to be an important trend to make note of in 2015. At the High Point Market in October 2014, global prints were showcased in many designers’ collections.

While the past looks of suzani and ikat prints move forward, they are joined by new influences of Native American and First Nation patterns. Often hand loomed, the geometric prints often stay true to the traditions of the past, but just as often, are merged with new influences such as modern color combinations combined with ancient weaving techniques.

Global prints make a statement when added to the room on an area rug, pillows, or upholstery. Window treatments, wall coverings and accents can be used to bring in the old-and-new, meticulously crafted beauty of woven goods.

Image Credit: MattWalker69

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