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Farrow & Ball: Key Colors for 2015

farrow and ball

Farrow & Ball, purveyors of paint of unparalleled quality, recently declared their 2015 Key Colors of the Year. Each of these rich colors is inspired by the idea that our homes should be the ultimate sanctuary, an escape from the pressure and stress of our busy lives. Paler in general than some palettes, each of these colors creates a space intended for relaxation and reflection.

Here are some of their gorgeous selections for 2015!

Pink Ground:

  •  Pretty and soft, but not too sweet
  •  Reads almost as a nude shade
  •  Warm and sophisticated.

Light Blue:

  •  With changes in light, shifts and changes like the landscape of nature
  •  Evokes the feeling of an oasis.

Breakfast Room Green:

  •  Inspired by nature
  •  Calming botanical feel exudes freshness
  •  Softer feel with a modern twist.

Tanner’s Brown:

  •  Darker earthy brown
  •  Timeless and classic
  • Grounds the space.

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