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Beautiful Bathrooms: Trends for 2015

bathroom trendsTo be sure, bathrooms serve a utilitarian purpose, but just because they are useful does not mean that they cannot be beautiful. One of the biggest trends in bathroom redesign in 2015 is the idea of decorating the bath in such a way so as to make it feel like an extension of the home rather than a separate space. Leaning toward sustainable materials, with a continued focus on elegance and tranquility, the bathrooms of 2015 will likely showcase the following:

  • Bring nature in: Convey serenity in the bathroom with nature-based materials including marble, onyx and wood, as well as live plants. For a sophisticated twist, consider installing a vertical garden.
  • Updated fixtures: Modern trends include custom vanities with more storage and clean sleek lines, freestanding tubs, and larger more luxurious showers. Other on-trend updates include smart features including touchscreens and smart fixtures that provide consumers additional control over the flow rate and temperature of the water.
  • Reactive lighting: Consider adding a lifestyle sensor, which brings the light on when someone enters the room. LED lights are a fantastic way to change the mood.
  • Tile trends: Geometric tile makes a bold statement and simply shouts drama! A super hot idea this year is to make the floor a feature. Unique to 2015 is the idea of grout as a style statement. No longer simply a substance used to hold the bathroom together, grout color choices and placement are decidedly part of the design scheme.
  • Color: Gray continues its dominance from 2014 as we turn to the New Year. Elegant and neutral, it provides the perfect canvas on which to create a serene bath.

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