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2015 Trend Watch: Modern Materials

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Use of natural and rustic materials to create a modern space with warmth using organic shapes and textures in a sustainable manner is definitely a trend that continues into 2015.

To tap this trend, consider using:

  • Gold and bronze – Lighting, fixtures and furnishings that feature gold and bronze warm the space adding elegance and glow.
  • Woods – Exotic or rustic, salvaged or sustainably grown, woods lend substance to a space in an organic fashion.
  • Stone – Always popular granite continues to bring nature in, and marble has enjoyed resurgence. For extra lux, consider white marble.
  • Fabrics – Linen and cotton provide classic simplicity while emphasizing their eco-friendly nature.

Eco-friendly design is here to stay. Fortunately, that does not mean burlap upholstery and recycling signs on every surface. Elegance and organic can and do co-exist. As this trend continues into the New Year, we can expect sophistication and elegance in the beauty of organic materials.

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