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Pittsburgh Paints Color of the Year: Blue Paisley

For quite some time, it has been apparent that blues are the color of the moment. Pittsburgh Paints has embraced that philosophy wholeheartedly with their selection of a vibrant and rich electric blue as their color of the year. Positive and playful, powerful and intense, this vibrant hue embodies both global and bohemian themes.

To determine the Pittsburgh Paints Color of the Year, color experts from across the world bring their inspirations to a three-day seminar. Each person has amassed a collection of suggestions that they believe reflect the cultural and societal changes in the world today.

All of the colors are arranged for display and examination, then the experts analyze them searching for themes. At Pittsburgh Paints, the end result is a set of four color trend palettes with one color from within those palettes being deemed the one color that best captures the world today.  For this year, they chose Blue Paisley.

This year’s color trend palettes from Pittsburgh Paints include:

  • Good Life – an earthy set of shades that includes rust and muted pink.
  • I’m Pulse – a vibrant playful set of colors, primarily grays and whites, with a golden yellow and coral shade for punch.
  • Coleidoscope – includes the color of the year paired with pearly whites and soft grays as well as a pop of curry yellow.
  • Introsense – a minimalist grouping intended to evoke quite, calming feelings with neutrals and a blue/green hue, then anchored with a bold black.

Image Credit: Pittsburgh Paint


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