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Bold in Black and White

black and white

Salt and pepper. Bold zebra stripes. Vintage diner tiles. The pages of a book in print. A classic tuxedo.

Black and white as a color combination bridges almost every design style from ultra modern to mid-century. High in contrast, yet ultra pleasing to the eye, this graphic pairing is perfect on its own or as a simple backdrop designed specifically to highlight other colors.

Use of black and white becomes an unflawed neutral, which allows the colors introduced into the space to burst forth into the foreground of one’s sightline. Where black brings richness and depth, white produces airiness and light. The juxtaposition of the two presents a perfect balance.

White walls and furnishings are the perfect blank canvas on which to pop boldly hued artistic and eclectic accessories. Black lacquer makes upholstery simply sing. Framing photographs in simple black frames helps complete their transformation form simple snapshots to personalized art.

Rich deep black plus crisp clear white in virtually any pattern or arrangement lends a sense of classicism to bold, modern design. As a color composition, black and white are sophisticated and timeless, and so they serve as the perfect foray into daring design.

Image Credit: MattWalker69

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