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2015 Trend Watch: Fusion



fu·sion: /ˈfyo͞oZHən/

  1. the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.

Blending vintage and modern styles together to the point at which the edges of each unique style blur and the result is exclusive to the person doing the blending brings about fusion. As the calendar turns to 2015, one of the home design and décor trends to watch is this idea of design fusion.

Just as when an executive chef at a creative fusion eatery crafts an inspired and delicious dish by combining the flavors and ingredients of more than one cuisine, home décor and design ideas blend inspiration from more than one design aesthetic or décor influence and synthesize those ideas into one distinctively interesting design space. This blending creates sophisticated, inviting and stimulating living spaces, connecting both the old and the new.

In 2015, global and cultural influences continue to be at the forefront. Taking two (or more) of these internationally inspired styles and using one’s creativity and keen eye for detail to mash them into a style uniquely your own highlights the theme of individuality. To complete the effect, add deliciously charming details.

Image Credit: PoshSurfside.com

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