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Rugs: Standing on a Statement


An area rug serves a particular purpose in grounding a room, providing a boundary for an area, and adding softness underfoot. While the function is important, the styling is essential.

Large neutral rugs can serve as a backdrop of sorts for a boldly upholstered piece of furniture, but the addition of a daringly designed area rug as a statement piece can effectively transform a room. Graphic prints, both in small and large scale, upscale feminine or modern florals, and edgy geometrics are popular today.

Small-scale patterns with repeating colors work brilliantly in minimalist spaces where the busy colors can easily take center stage without fighting for attention with other elements in the room.  Small-scale rug patterns can also be quite effective at adding warmth to a space.

In a fairly neutral room, a bold graphic print can successfully stand as the focal point of the room from the floor.  Try a stripe either in bold contrast or more subtle ombre style, experiment with chevron, or play around with exciting ethnic styles such as Ikat or Kilim.

While typically, one rug is used to create a boundary of an area, consider experimenting with the juxtaposition of two rugs, perhaps with contrasting colors or uniquely different textures. Much like layering with fabrics elsewhere in the room, two or more textures of floor covering build interest.

A rug can be a quietly unifying element of a space, but in the hands of a deft designer, the rug can become the star.

Image Source: Rose Beerhorst

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