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Marbling: Modern Twist on an Ancient Art

MarblingOver a thousand years ago, master artisans of Japan would use paint and water to create stunning swirls, waves and beautiful organic lines on fabric and paper. This technique creates a marbled effect, each piece unique unto itself.

At the recent High Point Market event in High Point, North Carolina, market watchers noted up and coming home design trends for the coming year. Standing out as an art form both in its classic form and in modern interpretations was marbling.

With its infinite possibility of patterns and colors, marbled looks can evoke the classic look of natural stone or a modern kaleidoscope of colors with swirls, lines and pools of color twisting and turning in stunning patterns.

Marbling conjures up playful possibilities complete with irregular patterns and modern chic color combinations. With digital tools at our fingertips, the ancient techniques of marbling can be more carefully crafted and controlled with digital mastering and manipulation of colors and lines.

Recently, marbling of fabrics was a hot trend on the fashion runways. As often happens, high end runway fashion influences home design, and the modern twists on marbling techniques have made their way to home accent pieces, wall coverings, and even rugs.

Classic in subtle gray, chic in modern fresh hues, the rippling patterns of marbling are both timeless and completely on trend this year.

Image Credit: Juni Xu

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