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All That Glitters is Not Gold


All that glitters is not gold, or silver, or copper for that matter. The other metal making a fierce comeback this season is brass. Warm and rich, often with an earthy quality absent from polished gold, brass is a fresh and modern take on metals even though its historical roots reach back in history to Neolithic times.

Present in everything from plumbing fixtures, to lighting, hardware to accessories, brass is positioned to become a go-to element in the coming year. Choose a hammered brass tray, shiny solid brass doorknobs, or a brushed brass light fixture — any of the above adds richness to the space in minutes.

The shine it brings to a space is unique to its alloy makeup, with the different ratios of copper and zinc providing differing color tones. The color of brass changes from a dark reddish brown to a light silvery yellow contingent upon the quantity of zinc present; the more zinc, the lighter the color.

More malleable than bronze, brass often excels as a hammered surface, adding texture and interest. Also easily polished to an opulent shine, brass adds lustrous elegance to a room. Many brass accessories contribute to a nautical theme; however, others lend themselves well to classical design themes.

Image Credit: Simpified Bee

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