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Gallery Walls: Art Displays with Impact

Art wall

The possibilities for creating a stunning visual display on a vertical wall are limited only by one’s imagination. Art is a subjective choice, and the placement of that art highlights that choice. Massing a wall with paintings, drawings or other objects d’art creates a strong impact and delights the eye.

The selection of display items can be influenced by each piece’s color, texture, or the story that it tells. Classic gallery walls are often white, with simple black frames in order to allow the art to be the focus. Other sophisticated options include dark and moody spaces with jewel toned walls and gilt framed treasures or fresh and crisp wall colors adorned with an eclectic mix of frames and objects.

Random placement or carefully aligned pieces work equally well depending upon the intended outcome. Treasures from travels, photographs of family, a collection of art from a particular era, or a monochromatic collection of pieces can all be placed together on a gallery wall. Mirrors, clocks, or collections of toys can become works of art when massed together on a vertical surface.

Simple frames or more ornate mounts alter the look: while classic black is always chic, experiment with glossy freshly colored painted frames. Nervous to start hanging without being certain your vision will come to fruition? Lay the pieces on the floor and check for balance and interest before ever picking up the hammer.

At High Point Market this year, gallery walls continue to be a trend worth exploring. Sometimes structured, oftentimes not, a gallery wall has the potential to be an organic display that is never quite finished. When a new object or art piece is added, it simply enhances the whole.

Image Credit: Tambra

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