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Whites Wow with Sophistication


Myriad colors showcasing the beautiful variety of the world lend vibrancy to our spaces. In a world full of endless hues of color, the eye occasionally craves a restful view. Enter whites – the sophisticated visual palate cleanser.

Whites create stunning high contrast with brights such as turquoise or tangerine or adjacent to bold colors such as navy blue or deep eggplant. If striving for visual calm, however, the most restful way to incorporate white is via a monochromatic scheme. Simply white on white on white.

The purest definition of monochromatic is truly just that – the exact same shade of white on top of white on top of white. This look reads ultra modern and dramatic and works well in many spaces. A more subtle monochromatic effect involves a complex layering of white.

Consider this scenario: multiple shades of white added in layers to a room through the use of textured fabrics and other materials. The result is a serene, elegant and visually relaxed space, but one that also offers comfort.

Details to consider:

  • When layering whites, remember that while each shade is considered a neutral, creating a cohesive grouping works most harmoniously when using like undertones.
  • Utilize materials with significant amounts of texture such as a shag rug, a two-toned white striped fabric, or a nubby wall covering.
  • Contemplate using a metallic tone as an attention-grabbing accent color in the space. Gold, copper, brushed nickel or chrome each add a distinctive dimension when paired with white.

A layered white room whispers sophisticated sweet nothings to our eyes. Comfort, elegance and serenity await with a monochromatic white space.

Image source: Outreacher.com

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