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Internationally Inspired Design – Italy

Italian madeItaly has enjoyed a long and well-deserved reputation for being a center for fashion forward and luxurious living. Home décor from the Italian region holds the same appeal. Traditional Italian design capitalizes on rich materials, exquisite detailing and rich finishes. Modern Italian design captures the same luxury but in a far more restrained and minimalist fashion.

Italians know that each area of one’s home is designed to be gracious to those who enter. Modern Italian design enhances that grace with sleek elegance. Furnishings designed by the modern designers of Italy are elevated by the use of refined and innovative materials often derived from nature. Each piece is functional and well balanced. The absence of excessive detailing brings the eye to a simple line that highlights the practical purpose of the piece while never sacrificing beautiful form.

Italian design is synonymous with luxury, and while traditional Italian pieces certainly evoke that feeling, these modern takes on Italian grace and sophistication do so with contemporary flair.

Image Credit: Pohlenz Cucine Moderne

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