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Stunning Shelf Displays

IMG_1260Built-ins and bookshelves provide endless options for personalizing a space and for sparking interesting conversations with guests. Shelves deliver vast amounts of vertical and horizontal storage and display space with a relatively small footprint. Employing this space to visually enhance the overall room is smart design sense.

Use of color, selection and arrangement of interesting and visually striking items, followed with careful editing of the pieces on display, leads to a sophisticated and polished composition that has the power to highlight the homeowner’s personality and to create a focal point in any room.

Stunning displays frequently employ these techniques:

  • Paint the inside back of the shelves with paint a couple of shades deeper than the wall color to create a layered backdrop. For a more striking look, go bold, choosing a more intense accent color.
  • Consider using wallpaper or fabric to change the backdrop of the shelves. Textured or printed fabric or wallpaper with an interesting design adds a unique and unexpected layer of visual interest.
  • Display treasured family heirlooms or favorite family photos in simple and sophisticated black frames.
  • Add beauty to organization with beautiful baskets, attractive boxes and interesting containers interspersed throughout to hold smaller items and reduce visual clutter.
  • Exhibit objects d’art collected from travels or favorite artists to create a view that naturally draws conversation.
  • Add eye-catching pops of color with bold hued pieces like a vivid ceramic vase or a fascinating piece of ethnically inspired beadwork.
  • When shelving books on the bookshelf, consider both horizontal and vertical placement of the volumes to add interest.
  • Vary the size of the items on the shelf placing larger items toward the back and smaller items near the front.
  • Include negative space. As in any other design project, allowing the eye to have a moment of rest goes a long way in creating a visually satisfying design.

Storage, while utilitarian, can always be beautiful. Using collections and meaningful treasures creates a focal point with personality. Easily changed and refreshed from time to time, shelf displays are a natural way to continuously engage the eye, draw out conversation, and bring sophisticated loveliness to the home.

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