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Stone: Sophisticated Style

Granite Counter Tops

Granite has solidly held top billing as the stone product of choice in home design for the past decade. While still stunningly gorgeous in multiple applications, granite is no longer the only game in town when it comes to natural stone presentations in design.

Nature-inspired stone materials provide virtually unlimited possibilities for design inspiration. Slate, limestone, and flagstone convey a modern rustic sensibility while granite, marble, and onyx add clean-lined, smooth elegance and luster to a space. Stone functions well in any room from the grandest entry to the most rustic spa-like bathroom.

Stone-based materials serve as a primary method to set the mood in modern design projects. Stone can be installed on virtually any surface. It functions as a highly durable flooring application, provides tactile interest on backsplashes and walls, or graces a fireplace with sophistication. Furniture with stone components has the ability to ground a room.

A key to using stone products to their highest level of impact is to plan lighting applications that highlight the beauty of the stone. Lighting a richly textured wall of stone casts shadows and highlights resulting in stunning patterns which shift and change as the day dawns or the sun sets. Consider lighting onyx from within for a stunning glow.

Unlimited possibilities, innumerable options, unmatched durability. Stone will have a lasting presence in modern and sophisticated designs for years to come.

Image Credit: Skita Projects

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