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Home Office: Where Beauty and Function Align

3839257114_ee9ac61f56_bThe trend of home-based employees continues to grow. While working from home may feel more relaxed, productivity of the employee is likely expected to remain at high levels. Therefore, home offices should maximize efficiency of the employee. Considerations should be made related to work flow and productivity. However, some important considerations regarding aesthetics should not be forgotten.

Careful consideration should be given to the following prior to working with a designer to craft the perfect home office environment:

  • Space. Whether the square footage for the home office area is being carved out of a nook in another currently used area of the home or is a dedicated space from a formerly underutilized room, knowing how much square footage is available is essential to proper planning and effective design.
  • Comfort. Having a sense of ergonomics and the science of functional design prior to the planning of the space allows for the designer and client to end up with a truly comfortable and functional space.
  • Organization. Details related to the storage and filing needs of the client are essential. Planning for sufficient space to store files, products, or other business related materials should be at the forefront of the design plan.
  • Inspiration. While productivity and efficiency rule the day, a beautiful space goes a long way toward making the space a place the employee wants to spend their time, which in turn, likely enhances the number of productive hours they will spend in the space.

Image Credit: Gregory Han

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