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Pastels: sophisticated softness

pastelsThe soft pastel hues that were wildly trendy in the 1950’s are enjoying a resurgence. Desaturated, restrained sorbet inspired hues lend a soft elegance to design and can be found in every application from paint to fine furnishings and floor coverings. While definitely on the sweet side, these light tones can be combined to create a delightfully modern and sophisticated aesthetic.

Pastel shades have a reputation for being sweet and innocent, and they generally are, but when confidently combined in a more mature fashion, they merge into adult décor with simplicity.

1. Consider using only a couple of pastels in one space to keep the colors in perfect balance.
2. Offset use of pastels with plenty of white.
3. Couple pastels with an earth-toned hue to subdue the sweetness.
4. Mingle a pastel with a bright bold hue (soft pink with bright coral, aqua blue with a rich bold purple).
5. Add a sophisticated and interesting urban edge to a pastel palette by using bold graphic prints.

Explore the serenity and restrained allure of pastels using these techniques for maintaining the modern edge. The results promise to be stunning.

Image Credit: Decor8 Holly

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