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Computer Generated Design: Endless Possibilities

Computer generated designWhen a particular pattern or image is the perfect fit for a space, but there is not a vendor to be found who offers exactly what is needed, consider the idea of computer-generated design. Modern technology offers endless possibilities for customizing design through pattern and image like never before.

A digital image, perhaps a photograph or a computer-generated pattern, can be translated into custom-designed wall-coverings, uniquely styled tiles, one of a kind carpets, out of this world textiles, and even distinctive gift-wrap!

• Desire to color match the tile for a bathroom space to the perfect shade of blue on an heirloom water pitcher? Computer generated design can make that happen.
• Take a gorgeous photo of your mother’s favorite rose with your DSLR.? That image can be translated to a pillow or wallpaper.
• Have an inspired pattern choice for fabric when designing a coverlet for the bed,? Computer generated design can create the image which is then translated to fabric.

Using this method, a designer is limited only by what they can imagine. What would you create if you were limited only by your imagination?

Image Credit: HP AP J

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