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Acrylics: Clearly Chic

Modern AcrylicsAcrylics had their heyday in the modern furniture trends of the 1960’s. However, as we continue into the modern millennia, with a clear resurgence of vintage style pieces, updated and modern versions of acrylic furnishings and accessories are popping up virtually everywhere. These sleek pieces bring a contemporary edge to any traditional room and blend modern design and 60’s vintage styling effortlessly.

The acrylics of the past were primarily clear transparent materials. Today’s update includes a vast array of color options that is limited only by one’s imagination and an attention-grabbing juxtaposition with mixed media.

• Imagine a chair with tufted velvet upholstery and sleek acrylic legs.
• Envision a table with an exotic wood top and glistening acrylic supports.
• Muse over the idea of a glossy acrylic lamp with a cowhide shade.
• Contemplate a vibrant polycarbonate chair supported by ultra-modern steel stands.

The mixture of the materials, particularly on a piece with a staunchly traditional silhouette, splendidly elevates the wow factor of this versatile substance.

Note: Acrylics are often mistakenly referred to as Lucite™. Lucite™ is a legally trademarked term that is specific to a particular manufacturer of acrylics which began production in the 1930’s. Other trademarked names include Perspex™ and Plexiglass™.


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