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Radiant Orchid Update

Radiant OrchidPantone, the color authority, dubbed Radiant Orchid their Color of the Year for 2014. As expected, this declaration has led to a proliferation of purples in on-trend home design.

Radiant Orchid is a dramatic shade, simultaneously full of magic and elegance. This delightful hue brings energy to a space and makes a stunning visual impact. More modern than mauve and stronger than lavender, Radiant Orchid brings a freshness and light to any space.

While at first blush, Radiant Orchid seems to be a complicated shade for pairing, it actually works marvelously well with other hues. As one might expect, it brings neutrals to life, but it positively sings when paired with brights like tangerine or turquoise and it builds in luxurious mystery when combined with jewel tones such as emerald green or royal blue.

As the design year unfolds, the graceful glamour of this lovely shade abounds in the marketplace.

Image Credit: Panpote

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