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Modern CountryMention country décor in the company of refined and cultured individuals and the reactions will likely range from curious puzzlement to sharp distaste. Country décor has long been associated with wooden geese adorned with blue ribbon neck bows, rusted metal stars, and twiggy baskets lined with gingham.

A recent movement described as modern country is changing the idea of country décor from an idea to be avoided at all costs into a gorgeous and sophisticated option. Originating in Europe, this trend brings together the warmth and history of old world home features such as rich organic woods with the sleek modernity of steel or the luxury of natural stone.

Modern country design also brings focus to the idea of creating a relaxed transition from the interior of the home to the panorama beyond the windows providing a strong connection between the environment and the lifestyle of the homeowner. Additionally, this trend seamlessly integrates beautiful and rustic pieces with the technology of the future making a home with history as comfortable as one built recently.

Modern country design ultimately comes down to finding sophisticated ways to incorporate sleek modern style into old and rustic spaces or rich heirloom pieces into polished modern style.

Image Credit: The Vintage Cabin

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