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Fashion Forward: Floral Design

Fashion and FloralsAs designers start to give us a sneak peak into their creations for couture fashion that will be parading down the runways of the fashion capitals of the world this autumn, glimpses of floral-inspired garments are capturing attention. While these lovely floral motifs encapsulate femininity, modern florals bring an edginess to the party.

The limits of floral design are bound only by one’s imagination. Florals flourish when contrasted with something unexpected: a modern chair, boldly divergent upholstery, or industrial metallics. Contemporary florals typically boast bold and vivid hues, large-scale prints and ethnic influences from locales worldwide.

Floral fabrics and design work best when added with a careful eye toward editing. To avoid overwhelming a space with too much of a good thing, treat floral fabrics as one would use an accent color – adding just enough to add interest.

Florals have the power to pull a room together, drawing multiple colors together and softening the space. Modern floral applications make use of this softness and unifying capabilities while maintaining an edge.

Image Credit: Maylee Oh

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