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Refined Organic

Refined Organic 22

As evidenced at both the recent Spring 2014 High Point Market gathering and Milan Design week, eco-conscious design is no longer simply an interesting trend. Sustainable home design is in high demand. Sustainable, organic materials continue to increase in popularity. In recent years, the home design marketplace has embraced a suite of materials and design elements designed to be both beautiful and friendly to the environment.

Organic shapes and textures continue to populate sophisticated designs from around the world. Homeowners drawn to eco-friendly design are no longer required to relegate their space to rustic charm. Today, they have an elevated contemporary option: refined sustainability. Inspired by fashion, art and architecture, recent eco friendly pieces have captured our attention. The elegance is elevated and contemporary organic décor is the new glamour.

Factors to consider when seeking sophisticated sustainability:

• Bio-based materials: rattan, abaca, bamboo, wool, silk, linen, and hemp.
• Reduced or eliminated toxins in production.
• Organic fabrics.
• Water based furniture finishes.

As the market for sustainable, high quality furnishings continues to grow, so will the array of eco-friendly options in home design. No longer simply a trend, but a full-fledged movement, elegant and eco-friendly are no longer mutually exclusive.


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