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myPANTONE: Clear Color Communication at Your Fingertips

MyPantoneCommunicating color selections is a process often fraught with misunderstandings, frustrations and misinterpretations. With Pantone’s myPANTONE app, users can access 13,000+ Pantone colors, find color inspiration, and create uniquely personalized color palettes and then communicate them clearly to others with a simple tap of a finger.

Precise color hues can be shared via email between designer and client, spouse to spouse, vendor and the retail marketplace, or absolutely anyone. Users also have the option to upload palettes to the myPANTONE.com palette sharing website or to share the data with nearby devices via Bluetooth™.

Colors can be extracted from photos then the app matches that exact hue to the closest possible Pantone color. Shopping for accessories in precisely that shade of red? Using myPANTONE’s Portable Color Memory™ match the color with the app then shop with confidence knowing that your purchase will be the perfect shade.

myPANTONE is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and also in the Android marketplace.


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