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Modern Design Materials

Glass InteriorColor is often the first tool pulled out of the designer toolbox to build personality into a space. While color continues to be a primary source of highlighting uniqueness in a design scheme, another powerful tool of self-expression is the selection of the materials for the space.

Unique and unusual materials have the power to boldly define a space. The texture and visual interest of non-traditional materials brings to the forefront the distinctive character of the designer and the client.

Consider stainless steel. Used in multiple applications as sheet metal, this timeless look is dramatically altered when this ubiquitous metal is reimagined and restructured to become a chain mail fabric or enhanced with a laser cut design.

Glass, useful in multitudes of window applications, takes on new life when used as a countertop or when installed over a uniquely personal image on a backsplash. Brick and stone continue to be popular choices, and are being seen more and more commonly in interior applications.

Add to the visual impact the incredible durability of many of these selections, and it is clear to see that the selection of materials offers a remarkable opportunity to add a lasting signature to a room.

Image Credit: Wicker Paradise

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