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Design Ideas for Small Spaces

7-neutral-kitchenDeliberately smaller spaces continue to be a growing and fascinating trend in modern homes. Empty nest couples simply wish to have less square footage to maintain, and they recognize that their space requirements have been significantly reduced. Young adults may not yet have the earning capacity to spring for a home as large as the one in which they spent their childhood. As a result, both empty nesters and young people are choosing smaller, exquisitely appointed spaces over cavernous rooms full of lesser quality materials and furnishings.

So called “sensible” spaces have considerable benefits:

• Due to their diminutive size, they tend to be far more efficient to heat and cool depending on the season.
• Carefully planned storage and a minimalist approach to possessions leads to less clutter and a reduction in the amount space required for stowing away excess items.
• Streamlined, scaled down spaces are often more efficient spaces for work: less steps between appliances, shorter distances from desk to printer, tools within arms’ reach.


Often, builders are including smaller kitchens and bathrooms in new construction with a discriminating eye toward superior quality materials and stunning high-end design. Well-designed, sophisticated small-scale spaces are akin to jewel boxes – beautiful rooms that capture the imagination and delight the senses.

Image Credit: 1: HomeDesigning.com & 2:4homeinteriors.com

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