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Bring the Outdoors In


Homeowners continue to expand the use of their homes beyond the traditional four walls to include the adjacent outdoor space. While the idea of using a patio, deck or porch for casual three-season living is nothing new in distinctive design, creative applications of materials and products bring innovative and clever options for making a home feel more expansive and light.

Placement of windows is always key to maximizing natural light. When that window becomes a sliding wall of glass, natural light abounds and the line between indoors and out begins to blur into a seamless flow of functional and beautiful space. Other options include pocket doors and accordion doors both of which simplify the integration of indoor and outdoor areas.


Consider a corner window to integrate the view. Depending on the surrounding land, creatively placed windows lend a tree house ambiance to the interior space. Huge windows are gorgeous in a living space, but are nothing short of inspirational when windows are adjusted to begin at the top of a desk in an office providing a stunning workplace view.

Windows are only half the story when it comes to making an indoor-outdoor connection. Imagine the ease of entertaining when using a pass-through from the kitchen to the deck. Envision guests gathered around the double-sided fireplace that simultaneously warms the kitchen or living space and the patio or deck. Consider converting a breezeway to a greenhouse to provide a bright transition between sections of the property.

With creative and innovating new products on the market, the options for enhancing the indoor/outdoor relationship of living spaces are virtually endless.

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