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Lighting Design: Layers of Light

lighting design

Design develops in layers. Flooring, wall treatment, ceiling design, furniture, and accessories each layer in textures, colors and lines that meld together to bring a room to life. One critical layer is lighting design. The right lighting has the power to transform a space from simply interesting to undeniably incredible.

Maximizing a room’s natural light accomplishes two goals: illumination for the purpose of the room and built in ambiance as the day wakes and ends. Every room, however, requires additional lighting design options. Making careful selection of those choices is key.

Spaces typically call for three categories of lighting: task, accent, and ambient.  Judicious layering of sources of each of these is fundamental in creating a cohesive, well-designed, and stunning final look.  In making lighting selections, consider the different zones of the room and the purpose of each. Position clear, functional task lighting where work or reading will be completed and keep ambient and accent lighting more subtle.

Styling options for layers of light are abundant in today’s modern design marketplace. Aesthetically pleasing and distinctly functional, lighting options are available for virtually every surface, in numerous finishes and silhouettes, ready for layering into a design plan.  Lighting options can be selected to become part of the neutral background or to be a focal point in the space. Consider a sleek and dramatic chandelier to draw the eye upward, stunning modern uplighting to surround the space with light, or a perfectly placed sconce for a subtle glow.

Experiment with lighting combinations. The options are limitless. The style – divine!

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