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The Lasting Reign of Blue

Modern Minimalist See-Through House Interior Furniture Blue WallBlue, in all its assortment of hues, continues to be a solid color choice for 2014. As evidenced at the High Point Market Spring 2014 Show, shades of blue continue to dominate the home design and décor landscape.

Blues emanate elegance in countless ways. Consider crisp inky navy paired with bright white – classic and timeless and when enhanced by an edgy pattern, the combination also evokes feelings of novelty and freshness. Mix it up with pale buttery yellow for a comparable feel with an unexpected curve.

Soft blue-gray functions as a neutral with a bit of flair. Understated enough as to not be commanding all the attention, yet different from the typical, blue-gray catches the eye and makes one sit up and take notice.

A pop of peacock, a tuft of teal, an accent of aqua – blue catches the eye against any neutral tone and creates visual interest in any space. As an accent or a primary hue, differing shades of blue can be electric or understated, calming or energizing, powerful or subdued.

Blues of all shades continue to have a lasting presence in sophisticated and elegant designs and, as a result, are strong color choices for modern, contemporary design.

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