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Lucia Eames: The Passing of an Icon

Lucia EamesAs professional designers, we would be remiss if we didn’t note the passing of an icon. Lucia Eames, daughter of Charles and Ray Eames, was cherished throughout the design community in which she contributed so greatly to. Lucia recently passed away at the age of 83, and although we mourn her passing, Lucia’s legend will continue to live on.

Born to Charles and stepdaughter to “Ray” Eames in 1930, Lucia got her start at a young age. Her formative years were spent at the prestigious Kingswood School for Girls. By the age of 12, a sculpture Lucia created was published in Arts & Architecture, a well-known arts and design magazine. During her adolescent years, her parents designed what would later become a National Historic Landmark, The Eames House, in which Lucia often recalled having such fond memories of.

After graduating from Radcliffe College with a Bachelor of Arts, Lucia quickly followed in both of her parent’s footsteps, dabbling in photography, arts, design and even poetry. Unlike her counterparts, Lucia dedicated her life to working with various mediums. Some of her most notable designs were graphical metal works created from various metals. During the latter part of her design career, Lucia became a design partner in companies where she created metalwork’s that were both visually appealing and functional.

Upon the passing of her parents in 1988, Lucia continued to carry on the Eames design name and legacy. From her new position the lead of the Eames empire, Lucia continued to greatly influence the arts community. In remembrance of her parents, Lucia donated an important collection of the Eames Archives materials to the Library of Congress shortly after her parents passing. In 2004, Lucia created the Eames Foundation to oversee the now historical Eames House built by her parents during her childhood.

Today, the Eames House is still thought to be the most important work of residential architecture
from the 20th century. However, to Lucia, it was the home in which she took her first burgeoning steps towards an art-filled life. Lucia leaves behind a mourning design community and her five children & their spouses, Llisa Demetrios, Eames Demetrios, Byron Atwood, Carla Atwood Hartman and Lucia Dewey Atwood.

Lucia's Works collage

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