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Modern Mixed Metallics


In the past, mixed metallics in design was considered a serious faux pax. In modern design, metallics are viewed in the same realm as neutrals, and as such, when diverse metallic finishes are mingled, the resulting effect is a layered richness.

Combining metals brings contrast to a room in an unexpected way. Using warm metals, such as copper, gold and bronze, with cooler metals, including silver, creates balance in the design. Whether your aesthetic is bold and intense or subtle and understated, a mingling of metals works. Modern metallic finishes come in a myriad of textures and sheens, which, in turn, add to the visual and tactile interest of the design.

Whether the ultimate goal is a shimmery, glamorous space or an ultra-modern industrial zone, an eclectic mix of metals adds depth and sophistication to the look. The marketplace offers countless options for exploring mixed metals: lighting fixtures, furniture, hardware, fabrics, paint, and even wallpaper are available in metallic finishes.

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