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Pantone’s Fall 2013 Fashion Report

So long, Grayed Jade (14-6011). Poppy Red (17-1664), a fond adieu. Monaco Blue (19-3964), we barely knew you. Pantone® has released its Fall 2013 Fashion Trend Report, and the new forecast replaces all but one hue (Color of the Year Emerald (17-5641), of course) from the Spring 2013 palette.

While Pantone’s Spring 2013 palette is lovely and especially seasonal, the Fall 2013 report is more useful for home furnishings professionals who want to harness fashion/furnishings crossover potential. For starters, the fall report includes three neutrals: Turbulence (19-4215), a mercurial gray; a “rich, glamorous” brown called Carafe (19-1116); and a seasons-spanning hue called Deep Lichen Green (18-0312).

Not so surprising, blues and greens enjoy strong footing in Pantone’s Fall 2013 palette. A blue grounded in Greek antiquity, Mykonos Blue (18-4434), replaces Spring’s Monaco Blue and Dusk Blue (16-4120). Meanwhile, Emerald has a new complement this fall in form of the light, yellow-toned Linden Green (15-0533).

Nevertheless, a few early indicators suggest three inconspicuous colors from the Fall 2013 Report — one exotic, one a shimmery pick-me-up statement color, and another characterized as unruly and wild — may have greater crossover potential in home furnishings.

Vivacious (19-2045)
Bohemian colors meets Baroque silhouettes in Angelo Surmelis and AF Lighting’s new licensed line of affordable lighting. In particular, the handcrafted Fulton Collection offers fashionable jolts of Hot Pink — a close approximation of Pantone’s attractive and sassy Vivacious — in plastic teardrops and beading.

Designer Beth Lacefield, named ARTS Award Product Designer of the Year for 2013, is known for her play on pattern and scale; her color choices are equally bold. Lacefield’s Alameda Collection for Surya, for example, includes a bargello/needlepoint pattern presented in an assertive colorway that includes Pantone’s Vivacious.

Koi (17-1452)
Pantone’s Koi is dubbed a decorative orange that offers strong pick-me-up potential — for sure, we favor it’s ability to freshen up Coastal interiors. Momeni’s Delhi Collection illustrates Koi’s transformative effect on a unique and versatile syncopated stripe design unveiled this winter.

Acai (19-3628)
Described as exotic, mysterious and rich, Acai is an elegant purple that will take on multiple personalities this fall, according to Pantone. Acai and Emerald is offered as a regal combination. With Samba (19-1662), Pantone’s red pick for fall, Acai is considered highly expressive. But even on it’s own, as shown in Couronne Co.’s Poppy Pod recycled glass bottle, Acai is as beguiling as an Emerald is sophisticated.

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