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DATE: 5/1/07

PHOTOGRAPHER: Len Spoden (703) 598-7427

LOCATION: 5122 24th Street North, Arlington, Va.

CAPTION: I’m doing a story about alternatives to
dining rooms and Janice Kanter just dismantled hers to create a “chill-out room” with comfy wing chairs that are the height of a dining table. She also uses the table for cozy dinners for two or four people, and she reads
and works on it too.

So unlike the “feels like home” portraits, which are fairly tight shots, we need to see a good bit of the room, including what appears to be a modern book shelf, plus the table, chairs, the dog portrait and a smiling,
relaxed Ms Kanter.

I’ve told her we need just a vase of flowers and maybe her laptop on the table, for her to wear something bright. the walls are cream colored and the chairs are white so it ought to look fine…

COPYRIGHT 2007 Len Spoden Photography

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