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A dining room to fit your lifestyle

As seen in the Washington Post:

Janice Kanter often found herself writing bills or setting up her laptop in her dining room — “at the most uncomfortable table and chairs” in her Arlington home.

Photo Credit: By Len Spoden For The Washington Post Photo

The cozy space right off the kitchen has great light and a view of the living room fireplace, so she liked to settle in there rather than at a much larger table that seats eight in the family room at the back of the house.

After more than a decade of walking through the front door and seeing a dining room never used for dining, Kanter — vice president of Theodore’s contemporary furniture store in Georgetown — decided to create a “nest-ier, chill-out room” filled with stylish furnishings and art.

She jettisoned a dining table and six chairs for two generous wing chairs, custom-ordered with legs four inches higher than normal so she could lounge or pull them up to work at a small round pedestal table. A low “totem bench” holds African carvings, a galvanized steel bookcase displays design magazines, and a potted palm adds color and texture. Recessed lights make it easy to read or write; a floor lamp sets the mood.

Kanter says a number of her clients are remaking their homes to fit their lifestyles. Young condo dwellers with limited space use barstools at kitchen counters for casual dining and buy oversize coffee tables and floor cushions for entertaining. For people with larger homes, “there is no living room and no dining room, just knocked-out, eat-in kitchens and a great room that can accommodate a table.”

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