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Give me shelter

Do you ever feel that you want to escape from the world for just a little bit… or maybe the whole day? I have found the perfect place to escape and you can come join me. It is a shelter style sofa, high back and sides. It can be used just about anywhere.

Here is a list of five areas to considered:

  • Library: The fist version is in the library. Upholstered in menswear mohair and surrounded by a bookcase. This is the ultimate place to enjoy a good book.
  • Family room: The second concept is to place it in a family room. In a pair, flanking a fireplace and done in leather. What a warm spot to enjoy the fire on a cold day.
  • Bedroom: A perfect size for a niche in a bedroom. Covered it in soft cotton chenille for a cozy look. Grab a mohair throw and you would have a great your new place to nap.
  • Living room: I can see it placed in the living room. The sofa would be dressed in an elegant silk fabric. With a pair of neoclassic style chairs facing it. What a perfect setting for enjoying cocktails with your guest.
  • Dining Room: For a new twist use it in the dinning room. I would use it as banquette for decadent dining, maybe upholstered in a pattern the better to hide spills.

We have one here at Theodores that has just came into our store with its soft seat and lots of pillows it is so wonderfully comfortable I can be found hiding in it regularly. I am seriously taken with this sofa.

Really special take a look,

– Christine Payne


I love the nail head trim that is shown in the photo, gives it that extra bit of style

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  1. Hi,

    could you perhaps tell me the manufacturer of this high back shelter sofa? I am urgently searching for a sofa like this, but it seems to be almost impossible to find one here in Europe.

    Thanks and best regards!

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