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Design Perfection

It’s not often I stumble upon an attractive piece of furniture that is sensible. More often than not the eye catching pieces are uncomfortable and awkward to place. Maybe for some, these fantastic pieces would be perfect sitting in a living room where everyone could praise its wonders and avoid sitting, but for me it’s just nonsense to have something you don’t use.

Well, now you can thank the impeccable quality of Italian tailoring for a truly perfect design in comfort and style. Made to compliment any contemporary, transitional or traditional room, this model is the quintessential update for any home and my very favorite model we carry here at Theodore’s. The sofa comes standard with 40 modules that are customizable and an array of leathers and fabrics to choose from, which makes my job easy. In a furniture world where options are seemingly dissipating, this is luxury.

I’m sure there will be many furniture loves in my life, but nothing has been quite as functional for my clients as this sofa. As we all know, function before form, and in this case perfection!

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